Information for parents

How to make an appointment

A written, named (the name of the paediatrician you are to see) referral from your General Practitioner (GP) is required to receive the Medicare rebate. This process also assists collaboration between your Paediatrician and your GP, providing continuing support to you and your child. Please bring your child’s medicare card.

It is important to ensure that your child has a new GP referral each 12 months in order to optimise the Medicare rebates you can receive. “Indefinite” GP referrals restrict the Medicare rebates you can obtain. Please check with our reception staff if you are unsure when you child’s referral will expire.

If you are not eligible for Australian Medicare Benefits, you can attend without a GP referral, however you will be liable for the full cost of the service.

Read more information about Medicare Claiming >

Prior to booking an appointment it is strongly recommended that you read our policies regarding cancellation and non-attendance, privacy and respect for all.

What you need prior to your first appointment:

You can scan and email these documents to us or you can bring them to your first appointment. Your paediatrician will want to read through them prior to speaking with you. If brought on the day this may done by your doctor during the first part of your consultation before bringing you and your child into the consult room. This allows documents to be read efficiently in a quiet space.

What to expect

Your first visit is for our Developmental Paediatrician to meet your child, and to understand your concerns. How far we are able to proceed with this depends on the information already available, and how complicated the issues are.

The second visit is generally for our Developmental Paediatrician to put together an explanation of what is going on, and to discus with you what can be done. Please note that the time allocated to these visits (60 minutes) includes the time taken to read information provided, and time taken to dictate a letter of consultation. This means that the face to face time will be shorter. After the second appointment we put together a letter of consultation addressed to your referring doctor, with a copy also to yourself.

Who should attend

For both initial visits it is requested that both parents attend(if both are involved in the child’s ongoing care). If this is not possible, we ask that both parents attend the second visit, which is when the issues are discussed, decisions taken and plans made. Alternatively, if there are others (such as grandparents) who are closely involved, they are welcome to be part of the conversation if that is appropriate for you.

If there are matters you wish to discuss without your child present, but it may be difficult for your child to be alone in the waiting room during this conversation, please bring somebody who can support your child during this time. Please see child minding information.

How to find us

Please see the Our location page for our address, a map and directions.