Medical Services

Coastal Developmental Paediatrics is a medical administration company which supports specialist paediatric doctors by providing facilities and administration services for their practice. All of the doctors who attend this clinic are independent contractors and are solely responsible for the provision of medical services and advice for your child.

All Paediatricians at Coastal Developmental Paediatrics provide individualised, specialist assessment and management of childhood developmental and behavioural conditions. Some also provide care for non-acute medical issues in children and infants.

Each specialist paediatric doctor (consultant) has experience in the assessment and management of:

Please contact the friendly administration team if you wish to seek further information about services provided by one of the doctors.

If you wish to book an appointment please arrange a GP referral to be sent, named to one of the paediatricians via email ( Medical-Objects or via fax to us. Please note: email correspondence including sensitive information sent to the practice may not be secure, unless emailed with encryption coding. Sensitive information sent via Medical-Objects direct referrals from GP's practices, or faxed referrals, are more secure.

AGE range for Paediatric services: The Paediatricians accept new referrals for children up to 12 years of age according to each doctor's availability (see "For referrers" section of website for updates on specific doctor availability and referral criteria). Some doctors will provide extended care for their existing, well-known older patients up to 16 -18 years of age, depending on the young person's issues. Paediatricians are required to then transition patients back to GP care by 18 years of age, for the GP to facilitate referral on to adult care services. Stimulant medication prescriptions from Paediatricians are not valid once the child turns 18 years.


Instructions for families experiencing pharmacy shortages of medication Vyvanse (Lisdexamfetamine), as per the current Australian Government TGA (medication authorisations body) website - updates regarding the supply of VYVANSE will now provided for pharmacists and Drs through the TGA website. 

Takeda (Vyvanse manufacturer) continues to reserve a limited emergency supply of all interrupted strengths for instances of urgent patient need. Requests for emergency stock can currently be made by pharmacists by contacting Takeda Medical Information: Telephone 1800 012 612 or email:

Vyvanse 20mg dose currently available - previous availability issues now resolved; shortages of Vyvanse 30mg and 50mg expected until March 7 2024; shortages of 40mg and 60mg doses expected until end of April 2024.

If you experience this when trying to fill a script, try other pharmacies or please discuss with your pharmacist re contacting Takeda to request an emergency supply as above.

ALSO an unregistered 30mg Lisdexamfetamine product has been approved for supply under Section 19A - Medsurge can be contacted for details on supply on 1300 788 261 or

If you require any further information in relation to the structure of the Coastal Developmental Paediatrics company please contact:

Coastal Developmental Paediatrics Practice Manager:

Beach Paed Pty Ltd Trading as Coastal Developmental Paediatrics

ABN 57 634 099 255