Dr Rachel Noovao

Photo of Dr Rachel Noovao

Dr Rachel Noovao is a General, Developmental & Behavioural Paediatrician with a reputation for her comprehensive assessments and advocacy to help children reach their full potential. She has worked in Paediatrics since 2007, including at the Queensland Children’s Hospital (QCH). Rachel has experience in the management of Paediatric Sleep conditions, previously working in the Sleep Clinic at QCH alongside Assoc. Prof. Honey Heussler, and at the Ellen Barron Family Centre for infants with feeding and sleep difficulties. She has also previously led a multidisciplinary Soiling clinic. 

In 2024 Rachel will be accepting new General Paediatric patients 2 years -12 years old into 3 new clinics:

- “Sleep Clinic” - Sleep difficulties in children 

- “Continence clinic” - Constipation, Soiling &/or Enuresis 

- “Growth clinic” - Growth, Feeding & Nutrition concerns

She will continue seeing existing patients, but is not accepting new referrals for children with developmental or behavioural difficulties.