At Coastal Developmental Paediatrics (CDP), we may be collecting a good deal of information about your child and family. We collect some information in the form of questionnaires and copies of any reports you may provide. Additional information is collected during visits, assessments and other clinical activities, including your name and address, your Medicare number, you and your family’s medical history. We may receive further information from other professionals (e.g. school guidance officers).

What happens to this information?

  1. Coastal Developmental Paediatrics collects and uses the information in compliance with the Australian Privacy Principles, the AMA recommendations and the APS code of ethics.
  2. This information is available to other Professionals working within Coastal Developmental Paediatrics. If you do not want this to occur, please let the Professional you are working with know.
  3. As per Medicare requirements for Specialist services rendered under medical referrals from General Practitioners, or other medical specialists, summary letters or reports including a treatment plan are sent back to the referring doctor.
    Copies may be sent to other health providers involved in your child’s care, in discussion with you.
    We will provide you with a copy of these medical reports, as they are a copy of the doctor’s assessment and management recommendations for your child. This constitutes a copy of the treating doctor’s summary of their medical notes regarding your child.
    In the event that you request a copy of your child’s medical file for another doctor, or for your own purposes, a copy of these reports already authorised for release by the doctor may be supplied to you by practice administration staff, with the treating doctor’s agreement.
  4. We do not automatically send copies of information to schools or any other outside professionals. Information is not shared with any individual or business outside of Australia without your specific instructions to do so. If you would like us to send information to another party, please let us know.
  5. The information about your child and family contained in the CDP files will not be used for teaching or research purposes without your consent.
  6. All information kept on computer systems is password protected and stored securely.
  7. In QLD the legislation which covers medical records is the Australian Federal Government Privacy Act 1988 and there is no separate Health Records Act in QLD. 
    Our medical practitioners, practice manager and administration officers will endeavour to abide by the Australian Federal Privacy Act 1988, and are trained to maintain your child’s health information, and your family’s private information confidentially and securely.
  8. As a private practice of contracted (not employed) medical staff, our doctors all retain individual ownership and responsibility for their medical notes and records.
    Your child’s treating doctor retains the right to withhold specific information/ certain parts of your child’s medical file if the following applies (under the Federal Privacy Act 1988):
    A) Disclosure of the information may cause harm.
    B) Disclosure of the information may compromise the privacy of another person.
    Our doctors focus on assessment and management of children’s developmental and medical needs, and the practice does not extend to providing expert family assessment reports for the purposes of Family Law Court proceedings.
    IF a doctor is requested to share a child’s medical information for the purposes of a court hearing (Federal Family Law Court, or Supreme or District Courts of Qld), information requested via a formal court subpoena from an authorised person, will be released directly to the requesting legal body as per the Subpoena documents, at an additional fee payable to the practice. This fee is charged as per standard rates as renumeration for the doctor’s time to review records and collate required documents, and the administration costs of supplying these documents.
    Note: As a private practice, we are not subject to the Freedom of Information Act 1982 Qld legislation which covers information held in Qld Government departments, including Qld public hospital and health services.

If you have any questions regarding this policy, you wish to change some of the information we have collected, would like to change how we deal with your information or have a complaint about how your information has been used, please discuss it with the clinician involved or Practice Manager via email. We will respond promptly to your concerns.