Respect for all

Coastal Developmental Paediatrics values and respects people.

This includes the way that people interact with each other face to face, on the telephone and via email.

We have a zero-tolerance policy in regard to abusive or threatening actions by any individual against staff, Doctors or other patients.

If any individual breaches this policy we reserve the right to terminate the interaction at that time.

We endeavour at all times to meet our obligations under the Qld Anti-Discrimination Act 1991 (current as of CDP policy review 2021), which prohibits discrimination against a person due to any personal attributes. We apply this to our staff, clients – including all children and their families, and associated external providers (education, allied health, medical and other professionals).

We also reserve the right to refuse to accept a referral, or to terminate a patient’s care at any time, on the basis of abusive or threatening behaviour towards any of our staff, by a patient or their parent or carer, even if this interaction occurs by telephone.